Tennis Forehand Technique

Tennis Forehand Basic Technique


This video is introducing some very basic tennis techniques, such as, how to find a right grip (e.g. Eastern grip and Western grip), ready position, and how to play a good shot, etc.

5 Steps To Hitting Forehand Like A Pro

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Step 1: Good ready position

Step2: Good unit turn

Step 3: Get into a good power position

Step 4: Align the bottom of the racket to the oncoming ball

Step 5: Good finish

Improved Forehand Technique with Rick Macci

United States Professional Tennis Association

Rick explains that it's all about reducing the range of motion for a faster and more explosive forehand. He'll cover all the key points that you need to know and take a player from his old forehand to hitting the shot with this new and improved technique.

Roger Federer Forehand In Super Slow Motion

Teacher Kaminsky

How To Hit an Inside Out Forehand

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Moving around the backhand to dominate play with the inside out forehand is a tactic most pro players use to great effect.

Roger Federer loves to use this as often as he can, however one thing that really seperates him from the rest of the players is his energy efficient footwork around that ball.

Roger Federer Forehand Decomposition Action

How To Hit Your Forehand Like Nick Kyrgios

A lot of shoulder and body retatling

So much speed from his swing

As soonas his opponent has his ball...

Low his body and distribute his weight

When the ball comes to his forehand...